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    7 Ways to De-Stress During Pregnancy

    When I think about pregnancy, especially in my third trimester, I don’t think about how ‘de-stress’ and ‘pregnancy’ go together in the same sentence. The closer you get to the end the more stressful it can be! It seems like babies need so much stuff, but they really don’t need a lot. From car seats to strollers, to onesies and socks (so many socks…) to diapers and baby bath stuff, it seems endless. Plus all the nursery stuff! It can definitely get overwhelming. I know when I first started researching all the stuff baby would need, I found endless lists on Pinterest, perfectly categorized into nursery stuff, the amount of…

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    Pregnancy Must Haves For a More Comfortable Pregnancy

    As I neared the end of my pregnancy I started thinking about the beginning. Looking back, it seems like it went by fast but it feels like the closer I got to meeting our little one, the farther away it seemed! It was a process for sure. I guess that’s what pregnancy is, the process of making a little human! However, it’s not all fun and games. It can get uncomfortable and you’re often an emotional mess. For example, the one day when I was pregnant my husband came home with a coffee he got before work, like he had had this coffee all day. But I saw the Tim’s…

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    The Best and Worst of Pregnancy

    If you’re anything like me, or your experience has been anything like mine, the moment you found out you were pregnant was a moment of pure joy. You were so excited to share the news of your pregnancy with your partner, your close friends and your family. Maybe you’re reading this, and this is your first pregnancy, or maybe it’s your fifth. Maybe you’re nearing the end, ready to just meet your little one already! This is where I am. I have a few weeks left and I’m so ready for pregnancy to be over so I can meet my son. I actually enjoyed pregnancy for the most part, but…

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    Traveling Six Months Pregnant

    A little over a year ago, around the end of the year of 2017, my sister and I decided we wanted to take our wonderful mother on her dream trip to Ireland. We saved and saved for a few months and then called our mom and told her our plans. Of course, she bawled. March came around and we bought our tickets, planning to go December 2018 so we could spend some time in Ontario with our family for Christmas after our trip. Little did I know, I was going to be six months pregnant! I got pregnant in June and one of my first thoughts (after the ‘omg I’m…

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    New Year’s Resolutions, New Mama Style

    I’m not someone that generally makes New Year’s resolutions. I usually think what’s the point, they usually don’t last, and then I’m just left in disappointment for the rest of the year until the next New Year’s Eve when I can repeat the same mistake! I tend to set these high goals for myself without having the short-term goals or plans in place to achieve them. But this year will be different. I’ll be welcoming a baby boy and there are some things, as a new mom, I want to at least have in the back of my mind when I start this new journey. If New Year’s resolutions work…

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    Preparing for Motherhood – Physically and Mentally

    When preparing for motherhood it can be so easy to get caught up in all the things baby needs. From little onesies and hats, to diapers and bottles, to the bigger stuff like a crib and a car seat. And that’s barely getting started. But it’s important to remember that baby doesn’t just need stuff. Honestly, half the stuff you get you probably won’t even use. Baby also needs a healthy and happy mom. You need to prepare yourself as much as you need to prepare baby’s room.  Now, don’t get overwhelmed when I say that! There are so many different decisions to make. Will I breast feed or formula…

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    Health and Fitness

    How I Stayed Healthy and Fit During My Pregnancy

    Let me start out by saying I am in no way, shape or form a huge fitness guru! I’ve been helped out a few times by different friends and my brother (who is definitely more of a fitness junkie) and I’ve learned over the last few years what works for me. My routine is always changing, and I just like to move! But, having a healthy pregnancy was important to me from the beginning. Before doing anything fitness related during pregnancy, I asked my doctors and you definitely should too. Before I got pregnant, I was a pretty regular gym goer and a pretty healthy eater. I definitely indulged every…