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7 Ways to De-Stress During Pregnancy

Self Care for The Mama-to-be

When I think about pregnancy, especially in my third trimester, I don’t think about how ‘de-stress’ and ‘pregnancy’ go together in the same sentence. The closer you get to the end the more stressful it can be!

It seems like babies need so much stuff, but they really don’t need a lot. From car seats to strollers, to onesies and socks (so many socks…) to diapers and baby bath stuff, it seems endless. Plus all the nursery stuff! It can definitely get overwhelming.

I know when I first started researching all the stuff baby would need, I found endless lists on Pinterest, perfectly categorized into nursery stuff, the amount of clothes he would need, all the nursing stuff, all the baby care items and all the baby travel items. It was daunting. The best thing I did was dig a little a deeper and ask around to find out the things I really would need for baby, as well as have a baby shower so other people could buy me some of the basics! 

That is why I am here to tell you not to worry so much, because I know how stressful it can be. 

It seems easier said than done, but the reality is, as long as you have the basics your baby will be fine. A lot of things babies need you’ll want to wait and see if you’ll actually use anyway!

So, here are a few ways to de-stress during pregnancy, to stop thinking so much about the stuff baby needs and to stay focused on what really matters – the excitement of having your baby here!


This is so much easier said than done. Throughout my whole pregnancy, sleep has been difficult. Now that I’m in my third trimester, it seems impossible. It’s uncomfortable and I take up so much more space, I never get the space I need in bed with hubby beside me!

I do find I can nap for a bit here and there, and that has helped me a lot. Nap when you can. Honestly, this is one of the biggest and best pieces of advice every mom I know has given me. Especially now, I am so exhausted. Baby is getting bigger, I’m getting bigger, and moving around is exhausting enough.

Napping lets me recuperate a bit and maybe even get a few things done around the house, do some yoga, or make dinner.

However, if you don’t have the energy to do anything, don’t. Just rest.


I am a firm believer in the fact that, ‘if you look good, you feel good’. That’s not to say that, and I’m finding more often, sometimes I just want to stay in my pjs or my sweats and laze around the house all day. Sometimes I don’t want to put makeup on or do my hair. Sometimes I just want to wear hubby’s t-shirts, because they fit me the best and are super comfy.

However, for those days you do feel like you have energy to get ready or you have no choice but to leave the house, maternity clothes that fit you and show off your bump really make a difference.

Your body is going through so much, so investing in some nice fitting maternity clothes will make you feel so much better about it. It really is worth it for your confidence! You deserve it!


Get a massage, either from someone who specializes in pregnancy massage, or a little back or foot rub from your partner. My job requires me to be on my feet the whole time, and I have found the bigger baby grows the quicker my feet hurt. My feet are always incredibly sore when I get home from work, so I get my husband to rub my feet for me.

My lower back has also started hurting more, especially if I stand in one place for too long. So, guess what? I get my husband to rub my back too! It helps and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. Your partner or support person is there to make you more comfortable!


Anything that has been stressing me out I immediately talk to my husband, my sister, my mom, or a friend. If you feel like you have no one close to talk to, there are plenty of resources around for you to seek out. Just ask or Google it! Even your doctor, I’m sure, would be happy to talk to you about anything that is stressing you out about your pregnancy or the baby.

Sometimes you just need someone to sit there and listen.

It also helps to delegate. Take advantage of any of the people telling you that if you need anything they will help. Ask them to pick something up for you while they are out, or to do a load of dishes while they are over. Everyone is always ready to help the pregnant lady!


I am a major procrastinator.

However, when it came to getting ready for baby, I knew I was going to want the last little bit of my pregnancy to relax. I also knew I would be too big as well as too tired to worry about anything major.

So, we got the nursery done pretty early, and finished most of our shopping in the last little while. I even had my baby shower a little earlier than I think most people do, just because of how things worked out. I am so glad it worked out that way though, because I am in no mood now for a big baby shower!

I think this is the first time I haven’t procrastinated something…


My family makes fun of me for how much I like to shower. I just like to be clean, and the hot water is soothing to me.

I know that when I am in labour, water is most likely going to be really helpful for me, because I love showers. I also know they may be few and far between when baby comes. So, I take as many as I want for as long as I want.

Baths are also so calming, and I think any pregnant mama can agree. Just make sure the water isn’t too hot and enjoy.


Go to the spa, get a new haircut, get a manicure and pedicure, get a massage, take a walk, take a well-deserved nap… anything that makes you feel good and relieves some stress, do it. Stress isn’t good for you or baby, so invest in your mental and physical health.

These are just a few things that will most likely help you relieve some pre-baby stress. These are the things that have helped me de-stress during pregnancy. My husband has been great at making sure if I need to get something or do something to make me feel better, I get it or do it. Anything that relieves some discomfort is great!

Make sure to take care of yourself, because taking care of you is taking care of baby.

If any of these things helped you, or you know a mama who needs some relaxing and de-stressing, please feel free to share!

7 ways to de-stress during pregnancy/self care during pregnancy
7 ways to de-stress during pregnancy/self-care during pregnancy

I am a military wife, a university graduate, and a new mama living in Nova Scotia. Follow me on this journey to learn about pregnancy, motherhood, staying healthy, and taking care of you and your family!

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