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Everything You Will Need in Your Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag Essentials

When you become a mother the diaper bag is your life. I bring the thing everywhere with me.

Babies are unpredictable. You never know when there’s going to be a major blowout resulting in a bath in a random bathroom sink, a diaper change and a changing of clothes for both you and baby.

Then your baby pees on you while you’re changing them, resulting in yet another change of clothes.

Welcome to motherhood.

Okay, that’s a little dramatic (somewhat). That hasn’t happened to me (yet) and my son is almost 7 months old.

However, there are always things that come up. If you’re not prepared, things can go bad fast.

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My Diaper Bag

First off, this is the diaper bag I use. I love this bag. It’s stylish, practical, and most importantly, spacious. 

It was important to me to have something that I was going to enjoy carrying around for the better part of the next few years of my life.

I also wanted something that was good quality so it would last for as long as I needed it. This one is great quality and I have no doubt it will last me for a while.

Now, here are all my diaper bag essentials.

What’s in My Diaper Bag

  • Diapers

Find what diapers work best for your baby. I like these ones because you can subscribe to them and save money on amazon.

Wipes aren’t just good for wiping little bums. They are good for cleaning sticky hands, cleaning off dirty shirts and wiping up spills.

You can subscribe and save to these too!

  • Portable changing pad

My diaper bag came with one, but if you don’t have one this one would work great.

This is for holding those clothes that get messed up by crazy blowouts or messy eaters until you can wash them at home.

  • Diaper cream

I love Burt’s Bees diaper cream, but Honest Company rash cream is also amazing! They’re both made with better ingredients than you find in most diaper creams.

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Kleenex
  • Lip balm
  • Nursing cover

Of course you don’t need one of these but if you feel more comfortable with one, then you don’t want to forget it! I have one like this one and love it because it doubles as a car seat cover.

This would depend on whether you are nursing, pumping and bottle feeding, or formula feeding.

This is another reason I love my diaper bag. The inside is insulated so it keeps bottles cool for longer when I have one with me.

There is nothing more stressful and heartbreaking than a poor baby in pain! Wooden teething rings are perfect for painful gums.

  • Snacks

For mom and for any older babies. There’s no need for both baby and mom to be hangry! These Milkmakers cookies are perfect for breastfeeding moms.

  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen

This isn’t a super extensive list and of course there are other things depending on your needs, that you can add.

Things will come up. It is impossible to be prepared for everything. But, the more prepared you are the easier life will be!

What mama doesn’t want to hear those words?

Share this will all moms and soon-to-be moms you know!

everything you need in your diaper bag for mom and baby
diaper bag essentials/everything you need in your diaper bag

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