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Pregnancy Must Haves For a More Comfortable Pregnancy

As I near the end of my pregnancy I start thinking about the beginning. Looking back, it seems like it’s gone by fast but it feels like the closer I get to meeting our little one, the farther away it seems!

It’s been a process for sure. I guess that’s what pregnancy is, the process of making a little human! However, it’s not all fun and games. It can get uncomfortable and you’re often an emotional mess.

For example, the other day my husband came home with a coffee he got before work, like he had had this coffee all day. But I saw the Tim’s cup and I immediately wanted a white hot chocolate. Because he didn’t bring me one, even though he stopped BEFORE work not even on his way home, I started crying! I got so upset! Over the stupidest thing! Things like that happen and they scare my husband, it’s great.

Just today we were watching tv and there was a commercial on about puppies going to doggy daycare… man did I bawl at that.

I think he’s been a little more sensitive lately because he’s scared of me now…

In all seriousness, pregnancy is no easy feat, and there are definitely some things that have helped me manage the discomforts that pregnancy brings. These are some of my pregnancy must haves!


I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. A lot of women use pregnancy pillows and swear by them and I would definitely say they probably are so helpful! They are super supportive for your belly and your back, and a lot of them have two sides so you don’t have to switch the pillow over if you switch sides.

I don’t like being surrounded like that when I’m sleeping, so I used a body pillow which gave my belly great support! It was super helpful for my legs too, as putting a leg on it relieved some back pressure and leg pain. Either of these would be an awesome investment for the little bit of extra sleep! Cause let me tell you, by the third trimester, if sleep hasn’t already been a struggle, it just gets harder.


I just got one of these and I don’t think I’ll sit on anything ever again.

These are just exercise balls. It’s very helpful for back pain because it forces you to sit upright, with good posture. It’s great for putting baby in the right position for birth because it lets you loosen up your hips. It relieves some pressure too that baby is most likely putting on you as he/she gets lower! And you can use it during labour for pain relief in lots of different ways.

Plus, it’s just fun to bounce on.


I looove leggings and I had to get maternity ones pretty early on. My belly started growing at 11-12 weeks and my regular leggings were getting uncomfortable. I bought a few pairs and they’re all I’ve been wearing this whole pregnancy.

You can also get other maternity pants as well as a belly band that allows you to wear your own pants without doing them up. It’s stretchy and covers that part where you do them up so it keeps them up.

Investing in maternity clothing seems like a waste because you’ll only be wearing them for 6 months or less by the time you actually buy them, but for your comfort they are a worthwhile investment. You can get some used as well, at consignment stores or on Facebook buy and sell groups in your area, which is a big money saver!


Or at least bigger, comfier bras. By the second trimester I couldn’t wear my regular bras, they were way too tight and uncomfortable. I knew I wanted to breastfeed baby when he was born so I bought some comfy nursing bras to wear for the rest of pregnancy and after. They have great support and can be used pre- and post-baby!


GIRL the amount of water you’re going to want to drink… I’m always thirsty and drinking crazy amounts of water. It helps with fatigue, leg cramps, it decreases the risk of preterm labour, and helps keep down swelling and stretch marks. Plus, it helps build up your amniotic fluid and keeps baby happy.

A cute water bottle is super helpful to remind you to keep drinking! I just bring that with me everywhere and have no problem staying hydrated.


My skin was incredibly dry and sensitive throughout this pregnancy, issues I’ve never had before. Having a winter pregnancy doesn’t help either. So, I was always slathering on lotion.

My friend bought me two natural lotion bars from Lush, and they are incredible for my belly. Your belly will most likely get really itchy because of how much the skin is stretching. Keeping your belly moisturized can help with stretch marks too, but sometimes they just happen anyway, as they are genetic. Embrace those mama stripes!

These are the things that were absolutely necessary for me during this pregnancy. Anything that helps keep away discomforts is a great investment! Lots of these things you can get super cheap or used too, there’s not always a need to get expensive items that are marketed towards pregnancy.

I encourage you to share this with all your pregnant friends! Help make their pregnancy a little easier too!

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A list of pregnancy essentials for a more comfortable pregnancy

I am a military wife, a university graduate, and a new mama living in Nova Scotia! I hope to use my own learning on the job as well as my education to help other moms. Follow me on this journey to learn about pregnancy, motherhood, staying healthy, and taking care of you and your family!

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